About Us

I Can Self Development for Kids was established in 2015 in UAE. We are inherently a social venture with a mission is to empower children, and help them overcome their problems, see their strengths, learn essential life skills and create a happy and successful life with powerful self-esteem and confidence. I CAN is associated and licensed by Adventures in WisdomTM - a kids self-development program accredited by the International Coach Federation Continuing Coach Education Program (ICF-CCE) and utilized successfully by coaches in more than 30 countries across the world. We are expanding in the region to cover more and more countries. We are currently operating in UAE and Lebanon.

Our Story:

An Idea is born! Children are usually resilient and strong, but when they experience unexpected setbacks and disappointments, most of them don’t have the skillset to handle them; that could lead them to feel down, give up on themselves and create limiting beliefs that they carry with them into adulthood, especially when adults are usually the ones to deal with their problems and find solutions on their behalf This is where I Can Self Development for Kids comes in! The idea behind I Can is that children shouldn’t have to wait till they become adults before formally taking a self-development training or a coaching program. We offer coaching for children and create an environment that leaves them empowered rather than controlled. Just like a football coach helps kids develop their skills, confidence and ability in football, a self-development coach helps kids develop their skills, confidence and ability to thrive in life. A happy and confident child is a successful and productive adult. Our work is centered on growing children’s mindset – we teach children self-leadership skills so they become leaders of their own lives. We help children figure out how to unlock the power of their thoughts and how to access their own minds to create high self-esteem, happiness and success. Fortunately, we can instill these teachings at an early stage which can have a long-term impact on the child. What we teach kids, most grownups haven’t learned!