EVENT: How Does Your Mind Shape Your World - Beirut

Event Type : Kids Workshop

Start-Date : 2017-09-24
Location : Craft Room - Beirut
Fees : 20$

Understanding how the mind works is the secret to helping children build powerful self-confidence, achieve their goals and create a mega happy life.

Date: Saturday 16 September

Time: 11:00- 12:30

Audience: kids age 8 to 13

Facilitator: Dana Daoud

After completing this workshop kids will learn:

  • Just like a plane takes them wherever they want to go on vacation, their minds tale them where they want to go in life
  • The two parts of the mind, Conscious and subconscious and they act
  • How does the belief system either support them in creating what they want in life or limit them at every turn
  • Understanding and creating supportive belief systems is critical for reaching their full potential, creating a happy life and achieving goals

The workshop includes: Kinesthetic activity, story, discussion, presentation and a craft activity

Workshop is presented in English and Arabic

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